2022 NSCA Youtube Cup Series Set

Carset 2022 NSCA Youtube Cup Series Set 2.0

Hey folks! I'll be honest, I never really expected to have to post an update to this set seeing as how I figured once it was uploaded, that was it.... However, a couple things have changed that led to this update:

- NEW DRIVER: Roberto Crown Jr. joins Lionheart-Legacy Racing in the #37 Beyblade Burst/Great Clips Chevy! Rated and Pit Crew included!

- UPDATED RATINGS: #9 Jesse Dalton, #41 Chase Marks, & #86 Alex Miller all have had a small ratings boost.

- REVAMPED LEGENDS NUMBERING SYSTEM: Instead of having several of the Legend drivers directly share car numbers, I have changed the in-game number to be "0##" instead. This way, modern drivers who share the same number can also race at the same time if one were to race with Legends and Current drivers together.
- For example, Eric Reinhardt will now be #003 in-game instead of #3, Harold Parsley will now be #043 instead of #43, etc.
- Eric Reinhardt Jr., who previously used both #8 and #88, will have both schemes just be numbered as #088 to prevent any Double-Eric-Jr. appearances.