2022 NSCA Youtube Cup Series Set

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The National Stock-Car Association is the culmination of over 70 years of American motorsports ranging back all the way to the early post-war days in the late 1940's. Initially, it was the Northeastern National Racer's Club, the Southeastern American Stock-Car Association, and the West, the Automobile Racing Group of America. In the East, it was a massive rivalry between the NRC and ASCA, while ARGA had been dominating the Western seaboard uncontested. However, in the 1970s, the United States faced a massive oil crisis, seeing a major toll taken on the race teams of all three organizations. This led to the NRC and ASCA forming an alliance and eventual merger, creating what is now the NSCA in 1975. Meanwhile, ARGA barely scraped by and restructured itself into the American Stock-Car Racing Club, or ASCRC for short, and became a starting point for many of today's top stock-car drivers.

Entering it's 47th season since it's inception in 1976, the NSCA's top level of competition - the NSCA Youtube Cup Series - comes off one of it's best seasons yet that had excitement from start to finish! Steven Merzlak became the first driver in exactly a decade since Steven Miller to win back-to-back championships, and looks to accomplish what has not yet been done at the top level - winning 3 championships in a row! With a few fresh faces joining the ranks of the familiar veterans, the Cup Series i gearing up for what looks to be one of it's most competitive seasons in series history!

With a 32 race schedule, with returning fan favorites and a couple of new venues to boot, who can make it to final race at Atlanta, and claim their spot in racing history? Will we see a repeat champion? There's only one way to find out, as we are right on top of a new season of NSCA action!


From seasoned veterans like John Mullen and Cody Llamas to rookies such as Cole Dillon and Sam Henson Jr., you can race against the best stock-car drivers in the world! Whether you're competing for wins against the likes of Hendrick Motorsports or Steven Merzlak Racing, or hanging towards the back of the field with Queen City Racing and Factory Dodge Autosport, you will always find a battle for position around the track and throughout the field. Take on the role of your favorite driver and bring them to glory, or pit yourself against the best of the best, vying for a chance at being top of the dogpile at the end of the year....


Though only a select few were chosen, you can now race against historic drivers from the Cup Series! Relive (or rewrite) historic moments, such as Elana Mullen's 1985 Daytona 500 victory, or Eric Reinhardt Jr's less-than-stellar 2009 season! Pit them against the modern era drivers to see who is truly the greatest of all time! Experience the history of the sport in a unique way that's inspired by the NASCAR Thunder game series.....


Features 125 Cars, complete with pit crews and fully rated + 1 bonus "show car" (with pit crew, not rated)

- RTD Motorsports #0 Cody Haner | Gatorade, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Taco Bell, Lay's
- Team Penske #2 Ryan Vaughan | Shell-Pennzoil, Freightliner, Freightliner e-Cascadia
- Lionheart-Legacy Racing #3 Jennifer Legacy | NOS Energy Drink, Best Buy, Xfinity
- Steven Merzlak Racing #4 Steven Merzlak | Advance Auto Parts, Body Armor, DoorDash
- Hendrick Motorsports #5 Samuel Henson Jr. | UniFirst, Microsoft/XBOX
- English Motorsports #6 Sean English | Valvoline, PPG Paints
- Steven Merzlak Racing #7 Elana Keero | FedEx Express, FedEx Freight, FedEx Ground, FedEx Office, Armor All
- Bledsoe Brothers Racing #8 Cam Barnes | Caterpillar, Thriv5
- JD Racing #9 Jesse Dalton | Shasta Cola, Wayback Burgers
- Axiom Racing Union #02 Rei Takita | 3M, Fastenal
- Axiom Racing Union #04 Joshua Michaels | DeviantArt, Aaron's
- Team Penske #12 Ian Wallace | Verizon, Discount Tire, Shell V-Power
- Craigo Autosport #13 Travis Hoefflin | Monster Energy
- Spencer Racing #14 Austin Spencer | Culver's, Dove Chocolate
- Bishop Family Racing #15 Theodore Cox | Mobil 1, Money Lion
- Factory Dodge Autosport #19 Dylan Maddox | Geico, Quaker State, Rockstar Energy Drink
- Red Bull Racing #21 Jennsen Nomina | Alpha Tauri
- Team Penske #22 William Sparks | AutoTrader, Wurth, Pennzoil
- Red Bull Racing #23 Elana Keshiel | Red Bull
- Bledsoe Brothers Racing #24 Alan Bledsoe | Havoline, Nationwide
- Hendrick Motorsports #25 John Mullen | Kelly Blue Book, Axalta
- Pathfinder Racing #29 Amie Walsh | Target, Cook Out, Nurtec ODT, RoofClaim
- Lionheart-Legacy Racing #31 Brendon Hancock | Wendy's, Walgreens
- McLaren Racing #33 Thadore Keen | Arrow, Gulf, Huski Chocolate
- Lionheart-Legacy Racing #37 Roberto Crown Jr. | Beyblade Burst, Great Clips
- Queen City Racing #41 Chase Marks | DeWalt, Irwin, Craftsman, Stanley
- Harris Motor Racing #42 DJ Harris | Konica Minolta, Western Digital
- Hendrick Motorsports #48 Cody Llamas | Ally, Carvana
- Craigo Autosport #51 Ricki Fawxson | Haas CNC, NAPA Auto Parts, Haas Tooling
- English Motorsports #60 Cole Dillon | Subway, UPS, UPS Logistics, UPS Freight
- Craigo Autosport #62 Jacob Craigo | McDonald's, Coca-Cola, Exide Batteries
- Steven Merzlak Racing #77 Tyler Bladerunner | Bass Pro Shops, Carquest
- Wolfpack Racing #81 Jackie Tang | KC Motorgroup, Dr. Pepper Zero Sugar
- Wolfpack Racing #82 Fuli Hill | M&M's, Interstate Batteries
- Wolfpack Racing #83 | Menard's, Menard's/Peak, Menard's/Moen, Menard's/Duracell, Menard's/Jack's Links, Menard's/Orca Coolers, Menard's/Wrangler
- Wolfpack Racing #84 Darien Arnsdorff | Procore, Gulfstream
- Queen City Racing #86 Alex Miller | CMR Roofing, Vans
- Hendrick Motorsports #88 Mikey Willard | Axalta, Hooters
- RTD Motorsports #90 Eugene Demax | Mountain Dew, Mountain Dew Code Red, Mountain Dew Baja Blast, Mountain Dew Sweet Lightning, Mountain Dew Frost Bite, Mountain Dew Zero Sugar, Sirius XM, Sport Clips
- Pathfinder Racing #92 Hunter Keero | Pepsi, Gearwrench
- Bishop Family Racing #98 RJ Bishop | Kroger, South Point, South Point/Kroger Daytona 500 Combo Scheme

Rookie Driver | Series Champion

- #3 Eric Reinhardt | 2001 GM Goodwrench, 2000 Clayton 500 GM Goodwrench
- #8 Eric Reinhardt Jr. | 2002 Budweiser
- #24 Wayne Jefferson | 1998 DuPont, 1998 All-Star Race DuPont, 2003 Pepsi
- #29 Randy Carpenter | 2009 Rockstar Energy Drink
- #36 Eddie Kline | 2005 Dollar General
- #42 Jerry Walker | 2003 Target
- #43 Homer Parsley | 1977 STP
- #56 Elana Mullen | 1985 7-Eleven
- #75 Chandler Riles | 1987 Valvoline
- #88 Eric Reinhardt Jr. | 2009 Amp Energy
- #93 Riley Whiskers | 2010 Red Bull

Templates and Template Pieces: Cosmin, BER, Lefty, and Stunod
Logos: BER, Masgrafx, SRD, Google, ModSquad, SDG, SHD, TN Designs, and Stunod
Numbers and Number Sets: BER, Masgrafx, SRD, NNRacing, and Stunod
Car Bases: Myself, Paint-By-RAH, Stunod, and Steven Merzlak

Thank you all so much for at the very least taking the time to look at this, and I apologize for the long read for the rosters! I've been doing carsets like this for 10 years now, so hopefully I'll be able to have something special available to celebrate that later on down the line. Hopefully y'all are able to enjoy racing using this carset as much as I had making it! For now, I bid you adieu!

If you would like to check out the showroom thread, you can do so here!​
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