2009 NASCAR Office Depot Cup Series

Carset 2009 NASCAR Office Depot Cup Series 2022-06-12

What if things went a little differently for NASCAR in the last half of the aughts? What if...

- Drive for Diversity kept its promise in its first decade?
- The economy didn't tank as hard?
- Dale Jr. got what he wanted and started to help run DEI?
- They ran E85?
- The COT delivered on its promises - it actually looked good, was distinct between makes, and helped with parity? And had no splitter?
- Entry lists were always healthy and qualifying was entertaining?

This reimagining is for the Cup-physics version of ICR. It features 51 teams, 55 drivers, and 81 separate cars. Ratings have been tiered with a custom formula (so while Jimmie and Denny perform great, they won't run away with every race).

BASES: Me, and a few hosted by RAH and Zach Chrostowski
NUMBERS: Nick Baker, WVUFan01, me, MasGrafx
LOGOS: Lots of places - modified by me in some cases
TEMPLATES: Mystical, modded by me with parts sourced from multiple places (so if you want them released I'll have to ask the original creators first)
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